Project Description

All about the cornerbead products to use on your project and how they perform.  Putting your cornbread on seems to be a simple and basic step in drywall but it’s really common to see people make mistakes.  With nail on cornerbead the most common mistake is just simply not putting the bead on straight, they get started crooked and then try to straighten it out as they go.  If you start out crooked, take it off and start again or you’ll just waste time and end up with a terrible finished product.  With tape on cornerbead people don’t put sufficient mud under the bead and what results is the tape bubbling out everywhere.  When using tape on bead remember to thin your “All Purpose” mud and that will prevent bubbling.  People have different preferences when it comes to using plastic or metal cornerbead, I don’t really prefer one or the other because they both work well.  As far as the correct way t0 coat cornerbead see our “Coating Cornerbead” how-to videos.