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All about mud.

Probably the best kept secret in Drywall. What mud do I use?

What is hot mud?

The great product that is “hot mud” and when and why we use it!

How does a drywall banjo work?

Speed up your taping project with this inexpensive option.

Paper tape vs. mesh tape.

What kind of tape you want to use for a successful project.

Nails vs. screws.

All about drywall fasteners.

Taping by hand.

Overcome the common mistakes of stringing tape.

Sanding 101.

How to prevent sanding from being a nightmare.

The basics of cornerbead.

Types of cornerbead and how to use them.

Which sheetrock do I use?

A review of what types of sheetrock are available.

More Free Tutorials

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Gain valuable skills and tips of the trade needed to excel in drywall finishing

With the free information offered here at drywallinstruction.com you’ll be able to get your project up to the texture stage. Now it’s time to really take your project to the next level with a texture done just like you would pay a professional to do, and yes that’s entirely possible with the quality instruction offered here!

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Learn Hand Texture

Do you want to learn how to do the hand textures that are becoming increasingly more popular?

Master Orange Peel or Knockdown

Maybe you just want to learn how to use a hopper texture gun to do an orange peel or knockdown texture that looks just like the professionals did it!

Secrets of Venetian Plaster

How about Venetian Plaster that you can do yourself with detailed instruction?

Whether you’re doing a full scale project or just trying to match a texture that you can’t seem to get, our subscriber side is the smartest money spent. As a subscriber you’ll have the opportunity to learn texturing techniques that will get you a professional product!  Pay for one month or as many as it takes to absorb the material.  To end your subscription simply click on “disable auto-renew” on the subscription page.


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We have worked with Mitch for the past decade, and have always found his service and work exemplary. He is quick to answer calls, performs quality work, and offers outstanding service. We always appreciate his hard work, dedication, and work ethic on our job sites.
Bryan Young, Bryan Young Plumbing
I have been working with Mitch at Fast Patch Drywall for almost 10 years.  He has always been very professional with me and also the residents of the homes he is working in.  Mitch is honest, on time, and completes the jobs as scheduled.  I would highly recommend Mitch to anyone that is in need of any drywall services.
Matt Free, High Desert Property Mgt.
I have been working with Mitch for over ten years and there isn’t anybody I trust more to do our drywall patches, he is there when he says he will be there and he gets the job done and done right.
Mike Montgomery, Montgomery Building and Restoration
Mitch has worked for Home Heating & Cooling for over 5 yrs. Quality and responsiveness is perfect. He is a nice guy that can get the job done.
Ric Secor, Home Heating & Cooling
We have used Mitch for drywall repair for over 15 years. He is always there when he says he will be and does excellent work.
Ron and Karol, Four Seasons Home Services
I exclusively use Mitch for all my drywall repairs. He does great work and is extremely reliable. A true professional!
Ed Rick, High Tech Restoration

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Gain access to a business plan created based on 27 years of experience

For the past 25 years I’ve owned and operated a Drywall repair business.  The repair market is wide open with very few people concentrating on this niche market.  With the lack of qualified and knowledgeable people in the market, those who choose to participate can charge a premium for a quality and professional product.

Having mastered both the technical, and marketing aspects of this business model, I’m now offering a “Business Plan” for those interested in being successfully self-employed in this great market.  My plan consists of access to a continually  growing library of videos covering both the technical and marketing elements necessary to establish your drywall repair business.  Along with professional training, you’ll also get the support needed to create a successful drywall repair enterprise.  Contact me today at info@drywallinstruction.com and I’ll get you the information necessary to pursue this opportunity!