Project Description

Probably the most valuable information on this site. Everything about drywall mud that will totally change your project.  One of the most common mistakes that people make when taping and coating is using the wrong mud.  It seems that the first mud they run into when they go to their local home improvement or hardware store is All Purpose Drywall Compound.  They think that’s perfect because they can use it for everything, the sad part is that the employee that’s helping them usually doesn’t know the difference either.  They soon realize that All Purpose mud is very difficult to sand, not realizing that the glue base in it makes it so.  They’ll put a lot of mud on because they lack finesse but they think that it will be easy to sand,  after hours of sanding the typical result is a hatred for Drywall in general.  The good news is that on that same aisle, usually next to the All Purpose mud is a product called Topping.  Topping compound is much softer to sand and also actually shrinks less.  In this section I’ll go over each of the products available and how to use them on your project.