Project Description

A brief overview of drywall finishing tools, both pans and knives as well as hawks and trowels.  Most people have a basic understanding of drywall knives, there are different brands and they come in many sizes.  One thing to remember is that a stainless steel knife will give you good results but the plastic type won’t.  The more you use a knife the sharper it will get as a result of the mud running across is and filing it down.  Once they are worn in so to speak it’s easier to get a smoother product.  Make sure that your blade isn’t bent and that its doesn’t have nicks in it, small nicks can be taken out by running  coarse sandpaper over the blade edge.  Many find the hawk and trowel to be a more efficient method to coat in the taping process.  In my opinion a hawk is faster to load and holds more mud than a pan. Throughout the drywall videos here @ I’ll teach the methods and benefits of using a hawk and trowel.