Project Description

What is hot mud? In this segment we do a quick overview of this awesome product.  I’ve noticed as I’ve reviewed other Drywall videos that Hot Mud is a product that few understand.  I see people using it for very large projects instead of the typical one trip, in and out jobs that it most often applies to.  Typically when you can tape and coat a project and then come back the next day normal joint compound is the most efficient to use because of the lack of a need to mix it.  There are however applications where hot mud is the “miracle” product.  When I’m doing repairs I use 5 minute hot mud exclusively.  The fact that you can do a repair literally from start to finish in 30 minutes is a total game changer.  Before they came out with 5 minute mud 20 minute was the fastest and that meant you had to apply it and then wait, not any more.  With 5 minute mud my repair time was cut in half which has increased my daily volume dramatically.  Sometimes when I travel I’ll call drywall repair companies to pick their brains as far as technique and price go, I’m amazed to find out that some are still not using hot mud and making several trips to accomplish the same task.  On the subscription side I go into detail teaching the art of hot mud and how it can either make you money or just change your DIY project.