Project Description

How to use a drywall banjo to speed up your taping process.  Large scale taping is done with a tool called a “bazooka” which is a long tube that fills with taping mud.  As the wheel on the head turns it distributes the mud evenly on the tape going onto the wall.  They are a cool invention but they are too expensive to purchase for the typical small project.  They also require more set up and take down time to be efficient for small projects.  Many years ago someone came up with the “banjo” idea, it’s the perfect tool to speed up the taping process in  these small to medium size taping projects.  In this how-to video I show you the steps to become efficient using a banjo, you’ll find that with practice you can string a lot of tape in a little bit of time.  There are other inventions I’ve seen on the internet but to me they don’t seem as effective.  One of the downsides to stringing tape is the mess while working with mud that has been thinned down.  With practice using a banjo you’ll find that you can keep the process at least somewhat clean.  Remember that “All Purpose” Mud is what’s used for taping because of its’ strong glue base.  Also remember that mud has to be thinned down, it might be a good idea to watch my “Mixing taping mud” video.