Fast Drywall cutting technique

Want to make fast, clean cuts when hanging sheetrock? This segment will teach you a new method that will speed up the process significantly!

Prefilling before taping

Prefilling any voids is an important first step to any taping project. This segment explains the purpose and effect of using mud to prefill.

Mixing taping mud


In order to have success with taping it's important to mix your mud to the right consistency. This segment will explain the basics.

Installing cornerbead


Installing cornerbead is a critical part of a successful taping job. This segment will walk you through some of the important details.

Taping with a Banjo


How to use a drywall banjo to speed up your taping process.

Coating nails and screws

This segment will take you through the important basics steps to properly coat nails and screws.

The basics of sanding

A segment on the basics of sanding.

Coating a factory joint with hawk and trowel

In this s segment we demonstrate how to coat a factory seam with a hawk and trowel.

Coating a butt joint with hawk and trowel

How to use a hawk and trowel to coat a butt joint.

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