Hot mud basics

What is hot mud? In this segment we do a quick overview of this awesome product.

Drywall joint Compounds

Everything about drywall mud that will totally change your project.

Drywall Cornerbead

All about the cornerbead products to use on your project and how they perform.

Types of sheetrock

Types of sheetrock available and their uses.

Drywall Fasteners – Nails vs Screws

What are best to use, nails or screws? A brief overview of drywall fasteners to help you decide.

Paper Tape vs Fiberglass Mesh Tape

Should you use paper tape or mesh tape for your project? In this segment we'll go over the strengths and weaknesses of both.

Mixing taping mud


In order to have success with taping it's important to mix your mud to the right consistency. This segment will explain the basics.

Installing cornerbead


Installing cornerbead is a critical part of a successful taping job. This segment will walk you through some of the important details.

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